city tours

Tel-Aviv Jaffa, Haifa, Akko 

Tel-Aviv Jaffa –

Tour to the neighborhoods of the city that tell the story of the place, and the stories which accompany its special figures.

A Jaffa Tour –

A tour to its historic part – with its special sites and churches. Touring the colorful flea market – one of the nicest in the country.

A visit to the American and German Colony and a visit to the Emanuel house

Neve-Zedek – the first neighborhood outside Jaffa

Ahuzat Bayit– that in the future will become the city of Tel-Aviv

Rothschild’s Boulevard – with its special and unique houses

Sharona – the German Colony (the Kirya) and its mysteries

Haifa –

A tour of the magnificent Bahá’í Gardens

The German Colony

The picturesque Wadi Nisnas

Down-town Haifa and its institutions

Akko –

Visit of the historic part and its Crusaders’ and Ottoman buildings and sites.

Visit to the local museums.

The Khans and the port

A tour of the Bahá’í gardens of Akko, the historic mansion where , the Prophet-Founder of the Bahá’í Faith lived and where is the shrine of his remains.

A visit to the Tunisian synagogue, with its beautiful and enchanting mosaics



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